Kim Norton

In an age with few opportunities to slow down, seclusion, retreat and quiet are at the core of Kim Norton's practice. Trained as a ceramic designer, she is interested in presenting ceramics through a less conventional lens.

Her work encompasses scale, materiality and the physicality of clay; all are key to each project, the permanent works or the pieces that only exist within a particular moment in time.

Seclusion, retreat, quiet and encasement are common to many architectural spaces, and to the human experience of them - and all are present in Norton's installations, site-specific projects, commissions and residency programs. Research and process play an important part in every project; it's essential to having the time and space to be able to develop ideas and concepts.

Kim is also one half of a collaborative partnership with Alexandra Mazur-Knyazeva, called Perpendicular, which focuses on larger scale spatial works and site-specific installations, exploring the use many different materials. Alexandra is also trained in ceramic design, and she and Kim have been working together for the past two years, after forming a friendship during their MA at Central Saint Martins.

This partnership strongly emphasizes the human senses and the emotional response or experience that arises from exploring spaces, and the immersive quality within different environments. In this, it bridges art, design and craft.


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