Lisa Farmer

American-born artist / designer Lisa Farmer produces leather objects that play with ironic forms and designs. Her labor-intensive design pieces are both sculpture and product. Utilizing premium vegetable tanned leather and immense craftsmanship; she combines traditional leather-working skills with contemporary technologies, producing avant-garde works distinguished by their originality and timelessness.


Farmer's work investigates such issues as the value of design in craft, the relationship between user and product and the significance of objects as cultural vessels through which to address current issues. She identifies her role as a catalyst between craft and design, object and user and seeks to stimulate a more conceptual dialogue through her experimental approach.


Hold fast that which is good, her most recent body of work, is inspired by Japanese “irezumi” (a form of tattooing) and the grace and beauty of animals found in mythology and folklore. By cultivating a sense of belonging between object and user, this collection supersedes mere function to become a bearer of a higher cultural message. Modern artifacts, archaic yet contemporary. Vessels born from a heritage of wisdom and knowledge, time honored craft that aspires to become a storyteller of human nature.


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