David Hicks

In the artist’s words: “I am just beginning to understand the attraction I have to the agricultural. The shapes and themes I reference can be found in the fields surrounding my home. Forms that could be hanging from trees, buried in the dirt or rusting in the shed, find their way into my work. I have a fundamental understanding of these organic and sometimes mechanical forms. They tell me about myself and they explain the natural processes of the agricultural cycles. Agriculture speaks to me about my own human experience. In the agricultural world there are cycles that that feel like allegorical references to a human struggle, a struggle that starts with fertilization, moves through growth and finally ends in decay. This process is raw and connected to my understanding of self. Beyond the allegory there is the rawness in the formal nature of the organic. Formal elements have the ability to speak in a universal language. This is the language I speak through and engage in my sculpture, a language of origin, form and beauty. These primal elements are rooted in my sculptural process. They are the fundamentals that continue to present themselves, providing a physical residue of my thought.”


For more, visit: www.dh-studio.com or www.mindysolomon.com/artists/index.php?artist=David%20Hicks

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