Xooang Choi

Xooang Choi was once described as the “dark master of the imagination” by The Huffington Post. His painted polymer clay sculptures, which began as miniature figures in the early 2000s and grew in scale since 2007, are delicately beautiful yet nightmarish constructions.


Superbly molded in a hyper-realistic technique, Choi’s human figures and body parts are also surrealistic, twisting and morphing according to the artist’s own formative language. Distorted and exaggerated, the estranged creatures act as dark metaphors for the twisted facets of human relations, social structures and the human psyche. Choi seems to think that there is something very wrong with contemporary society, and his disturbing and often macabre sculptures vividly portray the pathological state of our times.


For more, visit: www.facebook.com/xooang.choi

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