Freddie Robins

Freddie Robins’s practice crosses definable categories of art, craft and design. She combines these elements elegantly, and with playful wit subverts meaning and making, fusing a melting-pot of approaches to ‘craft’.


She uses knitting to explore pertinent contemporary issues of the domestic, gender and the human condition, as well as the cultural preconceptions surrounding knitting as craft. Her work aims to disrupt the notion of the medium as passive and benign. Her pieces often incorporate both humor and fear. There is also a display of almost obsessive perfectionism in the quality of each piece’s hand-made finish.


Through the recent process of converting a 16th Century barn into her home and studio, her approach to making and materials has radically shifted. Her most recent body of works, Out on a Limb, has developed over the last year from a new expedient approach to making, utilizing samples and surpluses, things donated, inherited and found. The finished pieces evolve from the process as opposed to being designed and made. They explore themes of violence, fear, pain and loss. Titles, as ever, are integral to the meaning of her work.  (Andrée Cooke, Curator, 2013)


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