JAMESPLUMB comprises of two artists Hannah Plumb, born in Surrey, England, and James Russell, born in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  Their works span art & design – creating objects that are unique and subtle that explore the territory between art with purpose and furniture without.  They create experiences for people to connect with: a counterpoint to the fleeting and temporary feel of the world at large, an antidote to the idea of constant reinvention. 


JAMESPLUMB’s aesthetic is not easily pinned down; however, there is a love of unorthodox and unconventional, dramatic and sometimes peculiar beauty, the strange allure of accidental geometry and perfection interrupted.  They are drawn to that which is shaped by time and life, but with the idea that total permanence cannot be.  They admire the obsessively handmade and time consuming, desiring objects that cannot be replicated, mass produced, conventionally perfect, or that offers only surface attraction.  It is about loving that which is in perpetual evolution. 


For more, visit: http://www.sletegallery.com/artists/jamesplumb or http://jamesplumb.co.uk

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