Peter Demos

Peter Demos, a New York-based artist, has explored the restricted palette of black and white in his reductive abstract paintings. Black, an edgy color that evokes a range of emotions from disturbing and off-putting to serene and meditative, allows Demos to focus on shape and surface to explore visual perception with the greatest economy of means. Whether using combinations of black on black or with white, all of the paintings are created with absolute precision. The contrast of matte and high sheen surfaces combined with the extreme black and white painted rectangular shapes creates an optical effect such that the rectilinear objects seem to tip in and out of the picture plane at various angles and challenge visual perception.

About his recent work, Demos notes, “…[the work] manifests itself through various modes of production and analysis. My work’s inspiration and, I believe, its strength lies in my address of painting’s fertile and extensive history as well as its current, shifting position within contemporary culture. Whether it is the use of traditional painting mediums, digital technologies, or other techniques, I am in search for modes of image and object making that question the meaning, process, and definition of contemporary abstraction.”


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