Stacia Yeapanis

Artist’s statement: I explore the nature of impermanence through the portal of repetition. Repetition is embodied in equally in the cycles of nature, the pleasures and perils of consumption, work-related tasks, the accumulation of both waste and valuables, prayer and the internal systems of the body. It has the capacity to be alternatively monotonous, frenzied, meditative and transformative. Visually present in designed pattern and organic accumulation, repetition reveals our relationship to desire and longing. It is the nature of the human organism to pursue what is pleasurable and to evade what is painful. All of this is a process of coming to terms with the fact of existence: we are here now, but someday we won’t be. All the repeated gestures we make consciously and unconsciously, as human beings are our lived engagement with the existence of impermanence.

Influenced by existential philosophy and mindfulness meditation, I look for evidence of a shared human condition in whatever surrounds me. Our individual experiences of longing, emptiness and anxiety are reflected in television and popular music, art, technology, our jobs, and the cycles of nature. Culture, in general, reveals the ways we run and hide from reality as well as the ways we show up with presence. Mass-media culture, in particular, is a compelling site of this paradox and a perfect portal to contemplate the terror and beauty of impermanence. Turning toward this, rather than away, is a spiritual act.


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